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Our Mission is to bring spiritual awareness to those who may find interest in broadening their horizons. Each custom artwork we produce comes with a special image and Divine message for our clients. They  touch the heart, add beauty, comfort and a sense of connection to the heavenly realms for each person. Our ultimate goal is to add Love, Light and beauty to the world. 


DAPHNE THE DOLPHIN (with family) - 16" x 20"

October 2021 - Private Collection - Original Available For Sale


JULY 2022 - Although this painting was inspired last October, the full meaning has not surfaced until now. The planet is about to undergo a massive final step cleansing/clearing all the debris heretofore left by the dark forces, who have been removed from power and planetary presence (still a few remnants but they will be gone shortly). The Dolphins came to earth eons ago with the Whales, to assist mankind in maintaining a peaceful, beautiful planet: Heaven on Earth.  Tragically, many eons of darkness, pollution and sadness have controlled the earth since the fall of Atlantis 26,000-12,500 years ago. The song below, "Deep Water" talks about the beautiful soul of the Dolphins, an Aeonic pair who came to visit us from the sky (their home in 12th dimensional Cetus Constellation) and lost their lives due to the pollution in the water (1990's). They appeared in the UK. The town fell in love with them and then they died! You will cry.  Research the meaning of the song lyrics by Seal. In the painting, Daphne symbolizes the rise of the Divine Feminine, Victory of the Light,  and reunion with her soul family at the dawn of the New Earth in the Aquarian Age. 


Melissa has created several, amazing pieces for my family. Each piecce is uniquely beautiful and inspired! She has an amazing gift of intuitively tapping into the depths of the individual she is creating art for, leaving you with a completely one-of-a-kind piece that resonates on the soul level. I never tire of looking at our pieces! - Nicole R., Walden, NY, 2021


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