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Three Phases of Custom Creation

Our goal is to provide a unique, spiritual experience with each custom designed work of art, tailored to enhance the client's life, by positively influencing their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical world with a physical representation of a particular spiritual message meant for them exclusively. 



To begin, a client has some idea, theme or image in their mind, a vision or dream, of what they would like to see created prior to contacting us. During the initial consultation, we build a rapport to feel into their energy. We identify and agree on the main idea the desired artwork will represent, and how it will benefit the client. If the client has no initial idea of what kind of theme or subject they would like the artwork to represent, we suggest consulting a form of spiritual guidance to determine what theme or subject would be most beneficial to them. The types of guidance we utilize are a meditation, prayer, a simple oracle card reading, and/or a discussion regarding various impressions we or the client may receive during the project initiation process. These steps are all in accordance with the client's choice and consent. Nothing is ever forced along these lines. 


Next, we further invite spiritual inspiration to flow in by opening the door to the client's individual and cosmic guidance. The person commissioning the work, being in a sensitive, imaginative state during the creation of the artwork, will begin to notice their impressions, and/or  coincidences, certain music or lyrics playing, movies, shows or people showing up in their lives with meanings related to the subject of the work, etc. These are called "synchronicities", and almost always show up after the commissioning process is initiated. As we narrow our focus on the subject, we research images or materials that brings the guidance to the next level. This may be determined by researching photographs or other images, drawings, paintings etc. that specifically represent the ideas coming across during inspiration. 


Once we have the image, we begin.  Sometimes, this process happens very quickly, and the whole project continues through from beginning to end without interruption. Other times, the project can take several weeks. Oftentimes, there is spiritual guidance intervening or deepening as the work continues. We do remain in contact with our client during this part of the process, so they can fully benefit from the experience of this communication. So, each case is different, and depending on the intricacy of the actual image, some projects can take longer. We like to allow time for the maximum potential of the image to show itself, and allow guidance to have a say in the finalization of the product. While knowing it can be detrimental to rush a project along, we make sure the work is done in a timely manner, in accordance with Guidance. 


Service Prices

Compare the service packages below and find the best fit for you.

12" x 12"


excludes shipping

11" x 14"


excludes shipping

16" x 20"


excludes shipping

18" x 24"


excludes shipping

20" x 24"


excludes shipping

24" x 36"


excludes shipping


What our customers are saying

Melissa helped me identify my Dragon guide. I now have a beautiful rendering of my dragon and I sitting on a huge cliff, with a wing around me and a sunrise off in the distance! This painting has a profound significance for me, and many messages were given, including music and movies. It was a magical experience having this work done!  - Karin P., Washington State, 2021

Our two little girls had their individual unicorn paintings done by Melissa. She was able to capture the unique essences of each of their personalities through the guidance received from the Unicorns! These paintings will be treasured by us for life!  - Rocia C.., Long Island, NY, 2019

Contact Us


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Please fill out the form to let us know what you have in mind for our project. Give ideas regarding images, themes, stories, myths, visions you would like to have represented. 

Depending on the size of your project, a small deposit may be required. This can be discussed during our initial exploration of what your project will need. 

***Gift Certificates Available***

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